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Authentic Press To Metal PTM

Authentic Press-To-Metal is the best of both worlds incorporating strength and beauty! The resulting restoration presents the esthetic subtlety that can only be achieved using the broad palette of pressable materials and the functional durability of a cast substructure with multiple units. This technique automatically provides a full 360 ceramic margin. An Authentic Press-To-Metal crown is cementable, exhibits low wear and is completely bio-compatible.

  • PTM NP
  • PTM Gold (incl gold, 99% gold)

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Letter of reference

I have written this note to help other Dentists discover a better style of crown.
I have been using a metal core with a pressed ceramic and porcelain covering from New Zealand Dental Laboratories.
There are several marked advantages to this modality.
The crown has a 360 porcelain margin, so there is no metal band anywhere.
As the ceramic is pressed, the margins are waxed up, and what you wax, is what you get,i.e. No shrinkage away from margin on firing. The margins are truly way superior than any traditional vmk can give.
The colours of the ceramic blocks are excellent too, and the low fusing porcelain is easier to adjust and polish.
I have used them for all my crowns since discovering them, and also for bridge units.
I have had no failures and the superior margins will surely mean they will be less likely to leak, and therefore last longer. I would not do a traditional vmk now.

Graham Shaw
Jervois Rd Dental Centre